Are you ready to PREVENT a potential cyber attack?

Security assessment has become a check box to close an annual task. As we check this box, do we stop and think about our progress since our last assessment in maturing our processes? Do we, or is the focus on how many new tools and technologies we have implemented to stop the bad guys?

Are we sure that we are resilient and ready?

Have you conducted a Security Maturity Assessment?

  • Security Maturity Assessment is a comprehensive process of evaluating your current state of security, assessing the maturity of the controls, and supporting processes in place to protect your enterprise.
  • It provides management with a holistic view of the organization's current state of information security and a risk-based assessment report with strategies to reduce gaps, mature controls, and processes protecting your enterprise from cyber threats.
  • It provides information on internal and external threats and vulnerabilities, enabling organizations to develop measures necessary for maintaining and operating a resilient environment compliant with applicable laws and industry regulations.
  • It evaluates the potential impact on the business upon realization of a weakness in the environment and provides corrective action plans to remediate risk and increase resilience.
  • It provides continuous security and compliance monitoring guidelines and a maturity roadmap for enhancing the controls.
  • It enables leadership to execute their vision, establish robust communication, increase security maturity, enhance resilience, and ensure readiness.

Cybercriminals have matured their processes. What about you?

With over three decades of expertise in IT and Security, SYSUSA understands that security does not mean buying more equipment and hiring more people. It is more than that.

Security requires an enterprise-level effort as every system, employee, vendor, or consultant is a potential weak link that, if not controlled, can be the gateway for cybercriminals to unleash their wrath. We also understand this cannot be achieved overnight, as it requires a shift in the organization’s culture to nurture a risk-based security-aware environment.

    As cybercriminals advance the sophistication of their cyberattacks, security and Compliance leadership across industries understand that security controls and supporting processes must also mature to ensure continued resilience. We help organizations mature their security program by assessing, analyzing, and operationalizing security policies, technical controls, and business processes.

  • We help you create a data-driven security maturity roadmap that provides a snapshot of the current state of your security operations with documented security objectives and goals prioritized based on risk and impact.
  • We provide executive leadership with a holistic view of the current state of security across the enterprise with actionable tasks to increase security, enhance resilience, and ensure continued maturity of security operations.
  • Our Security assessment report will provide content for consumption by the executive leadership and the technical teams with a detailed report on each control's risk and maturity rating based on the applicable frameworks and industry best practices.
  • Agility is critical to succeeding in todays interconnected world. We provide guidance on how to get away from a one-size-fits-all and create flexible and innovative solutions tailored to unique security priorities and goals.
  • We leverage the data as an empowering tool to understand evolving threats and tools like artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc., to combat them and reduce their impact on business operations.

Security requires integrity built on trust.

Security requires integrity built on trust.

We focus on resilience and readiness to become your trusted partner.

    Our passion for innovation, Security, and agility fuels and propels our team of professionals to deliver high-quality and best-value technology and security services and solutions to our customers.

  • We have delivered over 300 projects for small, mid-size, and large corporations and federal and local governments.
  • We have helped companies develop and execute strategic security initiatives with actionable tasks and clearly defined objectives and milestones to transform their operations, enhance efficiencies, increase resilience, and ensure readiness for cyber threats.
  • A highly qualified and certified team experienced in assessing, analyzing, designing, implementing, and operationalizing a strategic security and compliance program.
  • We have a proven track record of helping organizations understand the current state of their security and recommend strategies that transform them into high-performing and resilient enterprises with better risk visibility.
  • We have developed and refined mature processes that deliver quality deliverables consistently and maintain a high customer satisfaction rating.

SYSUSA’s specialized and certified professionals have helped organizations design, develop, and implement game-changing solutions that enable and sustain organizations’ transformation and maximize business benefit.

We know technology does not solve all the problems. It combines an organization’s human capital, technology investments, and mature processes supported by industry best practices. We focus on simplifying processes and aligning people with technology to improve and evolve IT Operations.

Frequently asked questions

Why do we need Security Maturity Assessment?

A security maturity assessment enables an organization to get a comprehensive understanding of their current security posture, understand where they need to improve to meet their customized requirements, as well as what isn’t needed, and what steps they can take to become more secure. It also helps to get visibility over and understand the information security risks that the business may be facing, and how these can be remedied.

Why should we choose SYSUSA for our Security Maturity Assessment?

SYSUSA’s experienced and skilled team of professionals helps resolve your organization’s security challenges by providing you with precise information and a targeted strategy.

We remove blind spots and unlock the data necessary to securely create, run, and manage the sophisticated services and applications of today by collecting operational data across platforms. Our analytics turn your data into crucial insights so you can immediately anticipate, thwart, identify, and remove threats and productivity barriers.

How long does a maturity assessment take?

The time taken for a security maturity assessment depends upon the size and complexity of the organization. For e.g., factors such as physical and network infrastructure, capability for implementing the daily processes, data storage and access controls, or quality assurance policies and standards need to be considered to determine the time taken for a maturity assessment. SYSUSA consistently delivers assessments within provided timeframes that cover all prescribed assets and encompass all relevant guidance.

What is the next step after the Security Maturity Assessment?

Your organization will need to go through the cybersecurity remediation process, which means closing your cybersecurity gaps, after the security maturity assessment. Your organization can either remediate its cybersecurity vulnerabilities within the firm or can choose to outsource through a partnership with SYSUSA. A range of cybersecurity services from SYSUSA can assist in ensuring that you take the necessary steps to address the recommendations from your maturity assessment.

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