Increase Resilience, Reduce Uncertainty and Ensure Performance

Organizations are challenged and overwhelmed by industry regulations, laws, and the constantly evolving cyber threat landscape. The need for digital transformation adds another layer of complexity to securing operations. An efficient risk management program with effective response measures can significantly enhance the business’s ability to detect, assess, respond, and protect from threat actors.

With continuously evolving risks and safety standards, compliance can be daunting.

Increased Efficiency and Effectiveness

A comprehensive risk and compliance management program enables organizations to amalgamate traditionally siloed management activities into a unified discipline improving the efficiency and effectiveness across the enterprise.


Adopting a risk framework provides organizations with a yardstick to measure their security posture, gain a better understanding of risks, and ensure readiness to comply with mandated laws, regulations, and industry standards.

Continuous Monitoring and Diagnostics

A GRC program can ensure an organization is operating in a reliable, consistent, and secure manner with continuous monitoring, diagnostics, and mitigation to prevent prolonged exposure to security weaknesses.

Enterprise-wide Reporting

At its core, a well-designed Governance, Risk, and Compliance program can drive engagement and accountability of people across the enterprise to create a safe and secure enterprise.

Improved Processes

Governance, Risk, and Compliance framework adoption can help establish, refine, improve, mature, monitor, and manage processes while enabling secure business operations without compromising on operational efficiency.

Enhanced Collaboration

A robust risk and compliance program can be the bridge that enables collaboration and coordination between business groups to drive awareness and enhance security with greater visibility across the enterprise.

We are focused on excellence to become your reliable and trusted partner.

Our passion for innovation, Security, and agility fuels and propels our team of professionals to deliver high-quality and best-value technology and security services and solutions to our customers.

SYSUSA’s specialized and certified professionals have helped organizations design, develop, and implement game-changing solutions that enable and sustain organizations’ transformation and maximize business benefits.

Established Expertise

We have delivered over 300 projects for small, mid-size, and large corporations and federal and local governments. That means SYSUSA is more than capable of fulfilling your cybersecurity needs while delivering value.

Delivering Value Across Industries

We have helped multination companies achieve their security, privacy, and compliance goals with industry best practices, federally mandated US regulations, and local laws and regulations across the geographies they operate.

Multidisciplinary Expert Auditing

With over 15 years of experience, our knowledgeable auditors are certified in multiple disciplines with hands-on experience in assessing, analyzing, and developing risk and compliance strategies based on various global security and privacy laws and regulations.

Accomplished and Reputed

Our team at SYSUSA has a thorough and proven track record of transforming and modernizing IT into a high-performing and resilient enterprise with better risk visibility and lower operating costs.

Process-driven Client Satisfaction

Over years of labor, we at SYSUSA, have developed and refined mature processes that deliver quality deliverables consistently and maintain a consistently high customer satisfaction rating.

We know technology does not solve all the problems. It combines an organization’s human capital, technology investments, and mature processes supported by industry best practices. We focus on simplifying processes and aligning people with technology to improve and evolve IT Operations.

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Security Maturity Assessment

Security assessment has become a check box to close an annual task. As we check this box, do we stop and think about our progress since our last assessment in maturing our processes?

Strategic IT Consulting

Building a comprehensive IT strategy to meet your current organizational needs while scaling to incorporate future needs can be challenging, particularly when there are too many fires to be put out daily. The strategy usually does not make it to the list of things to do.

How can SYSUSA be a reliable partner for our security and GRC requirement?

With over 30 years of global experience in the public and private sectors, we specialize in enabling organizational compliance with applicable security and privacy laws and regulations, helping your organization comply with NIST, ISO, GDPR, CCPA, etc. With such vast experience, SYSUSA is the perfect partner to help organizations achieve business objectives, address uncertainty, and act with integrity.

How are security ratings helpful to my company?

Security Ratings have gained importance with the introduction of data protection laws like FIPA, CCPA, PIPEDA, LGPD, and GDPR. They represent an organization’s cybersecurity performance using a single metric providing a common benchmark for technical and non-technical stakeholders.

What is SYSUSA doing to ensure proper governance, risk, and compliance?

SYSUSA knows that GRC is an evolving process in an ever-growing and ever-changing world of regulations and cyber threats. Our goal is to evolve with the times and establish a framework that aligns risk management efforts and your corporate guidelines with your GRC program. We aim to be your partner that always understands your data security needs, threat perception, and compliance standards.

What are the risks associated with a lack of a GRC framework?

Adopting a GRC framework establishes best practices in achieving your security and compliance objectives. Lack thereof can result in disjoint efforts being undertaken at several levels across the organization without considering the needs of other interconnected business groups in developing a solution to secure the enterprise resulting in higher cost and weaker security.Additionally, a GRC framework provides data that can be used to invest security and compliance dollars in the enterprise’s highest impact areas with the most return on investment.


As a trusted advisor and partner we supporting our customer's mission success by enabling innovation, ensuring security, and enhancing agility.

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