Top 10 Ways to Secure Technology Funding in a Tough Economy
Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Security requires an understanding of business risk, from the Board room to the Mail room. An organization's ability to ensure resilience against cyber-threats depends on its understanding of the risks and strategies in place to manage these risks.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Laws and regulations governing handling, processing, and managing of sensitive data constantly evolve to combat cyber threats. GRC programs require continuous monitoring, making it challenging for IT and security leadership to maintain compliance.

Cloud Enablement

Cloud has enabled organizations to focus on core business functions without having to invest in extensive and expensive IT infrastructure and resources. Leverage the cloud and unlocks its huge potentials to do more with significantly less.

Big Data

Data is what drives business and analytics is what brings value. Organizations in the era of devices, sensors and tools, can no longer treat data as a byproduct but an asset. Analytics can help companies make better, data-driven decisions to deliver demonstrable ROI.

Agile DevSecOps

In today’s fast paced interconnected environments stronger collaboration between developers, IT operations staff and other key stakeholders is critical for organizations to accelerate the delivery of new services while improving stability, performance, and uptime.

Management Systems

Customers and partners are seeking organizations that have institutionalized proven frameworks to demonstrate security and maturity. Adopting a management system can provide organizations an advantage against their competition.

Training & Certification

Professional need to stay abreast of the changes to stay competitive. Organizations on the other hand are seeking Subject Matter Experts, who have the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain a secure, resilient and high performing enterprise.

Managed Services

Regardless of size, industry or geographic location, businesses never have enough resources to fully manage their IT and Security operations. Scarcity of skilled resources or budget shortfalls can make it harder to deliver services and protect the organization.

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Team SYSUSA’s passion for innovation, security, and agility propels us to provide our customers with the high quality and best value information technology services and solutions.


With a track record of providing exceptional high-quality services to clients across diverse group of industries, we can be your trusted technology partner and advisor.

  • With over 70 years of combined leadership expertise in Information Technology (IT) and Information Security (IS) solutions and services, SYSUSA has the necessary knowledge and global expertise to help 21st century business enterprises to build, operate and maintain a secure, resilient, efficient, and highly performing operating environment with low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and high Return on Investment (ROI).
  • We specialize in Cyber-Security, Information Assurance, Agile DevOps and DevSecOps, Big Data, Cloud and Analytics, IT Managed Services, Governance, Risk Management, Compliance (GRC), Education Technology, AppDev and Mobile, ISO Training & Certification, Project and Program Management, and Strategic Consulting Services.
  • We have clients across industries, including Government, Healthcare, Education, Cloud Services, Financial, Hospitality, Small Business, Software, Not for profit and Utility industries.
  • Our team comprises of highly skilled and industry certified professionals, armed with knowledge and hands on experience, are leaders and innovators in their respective disciplines.

At SYSUSA, we know technology and we know security, above all we know what it takes to get them working together seamlessly to enable innovation, ensure security, and increase Agility.

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