IT Operations Management (ITOM)

The power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in IT operations is reducing cost and increasing performance. Are you ready?

As enterprises transition to the cloud computing model, anyone in the business can access and provision new cloud resources almost instantly. But pervasive use of cloud services comes with a hefty price. IDC estimates that 20% to 30% of total enterprise cloud spend is wasted due to lack of visibility and control.

Without knowing how cloud spending relates to specific business services, applications, projects, or other business initiatives, cloud budgets become black holes. On the other hand, IT can’t control by locking down cloud services or have lengthy approval processes that ultimately slow down development teams. How do you preserve the cloud’s agility while managing costs and creating effective governance?

ServiceNow IT Operations Management (ITOM) can accelerate your cloud strategy and improve your organization’s cloud utilization. With automated cloud provisioning capabilities, it allows businesses to establish a practical, agile cloud governance model. It can help reduce costs by identifying and automatically correcting cost optimization targets, including areas of high spend and stranded cloud assets.

Through our hands-on engagements and expertise, organizations realize various skills through end-to-end Service Management solutions.

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  • Service Mapping

    Service Mapping

  • Operational Intelligence

    Operational Intelligence

  • Event Management

    Event Management

  • Cloud Management

    Cloud Management

  • Orchestration


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