The financial industry, by being one of the heavily regulated industries across the globe, is faced with a significant challenge of maintaining a balance between managing risks and maintaining services that increase customer satisfaction. Additionally, customer’s use of the internet to access their financial information has significantly increased the risk of data breaches.

Cyber-attack on financial institution can quickly erode customer confidence. Maintaining competitive advantage and staying relevant in this evolving marketplace, financial organizations need to stay ahead of the threats and ensure the security of data that may reside outside of their environments, on the customer’s system.

Developing strategies that ensure availability and accessibility of service to the customers with adequate protections to secure the transaction data is critical for the growth of an institution. Institutions must develop a proactive measure to combat the threat of data breaches. SYSUSA can help with knowledge of threats facing the industry and certified security professional to create holistic solutions that increase visibility to potential risks and provide timely and cost-effective solutions to prevent them from realization.

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