Agile & DevSecOps

Enabling Clients Spend Time And Money Adding Value To Software Rather Than Fixing Costly Vulnerabilities Later.

DevSecOps incorporates security into DevOps practices to expose flaws and weaknesses early on through monitoring, assessment, and analysis. Enabling organizations to remediate weaknesses at early stages and prevent costly patching efforts.

Today’s organizations need to adapt and respond rapidly to changing market and customer demands.

Through leveraging of Agile and DevSecOps principles organizations can embrace the agile, collaborative, and security-focused mindset needed to succeed in today’s globally competitive landscape.

While automation is certainly important, it’s just as important (if not more) to build the mindset that everyone is responsible for security, with the goal of safely distributing security decisions to those with the highest level of context without sacrificing the quality, privacy, and safety required by the system. This type of model typically relies on “shifting security left,” or engaging security earlier in the software development and operations processes.

Changing an organization’s mindset and culture doesn’t happen overnight, it requires hard work, training, coaching across the entire organization, and above all it requires a lot of patience.

SYSUSA through its practitioners and expertise in Agile delivery models – Scrum, Kanban, XP, Lean, SAFe coupled with DevSecOps concepts and principles can help organizations scale their products and business processes. We understand that Agile methodologies deliver value but only when applied the right way – our practitioners and SMEs help organizations mature with Agile methodologies by starting small and scaling big while keeping in mind that each organization is unique.

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