Vulnerability Scanning

The challenge of securing company assets and maintain regulatory compliance continues to evolve.

As the complexities of evolving technologies create new security challenges across industries, client are expecting organization to do more to their sensitive and personal information. Organizations have to ensure that the sensitive data in their environment is protected from intentional and/or accidental disclosure, failure to do so can result in penalties or significant financial loss.

Although securing information and information systems is an essential factor in ensuring security of your organizational and customer information, understanding the risks and having knowledge of threats and vulnerabilities will significantly reduce the cost of protecting these sensitive information assets.

A first step toward protection is identifying the vulnerabilities in the organizations operating environment.

SYSUSA’s vulnerability scanning services can help determine the vulnerabilities in your network while demonstrating how attackers can negatively impact your business. Our vulnerability scanning services is a safe and controlled exercise performed by security experts. The result is a detailed remediation road-map for reducing risk to information assets, prioritized based on severity and impact. With the knowledge of vulnerabilities and understanding of threats, organizations can prioritize security investments and ensure compliance with regulatory mandates.

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