Security Awareness

Social engineering is recognized as one of the most significant security threat organizations are facing across the globe. Organizations daily encounter cyber threats like; Phishing, Ransomware, Network Attacks, Fraud, Industrial Espionage, and many more.

We always focus on people, process, and technology to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of organizational assets. But the reality is that everything is centered around “People.” A process is only going to deliver what people have designed it to, and technology will do what people or the process behind it requires it to do.

Researchers and surveyors have found time and time again that people are the weakest link in any organization, and therefore our focus should be “People First.” They are the engine that drives the organization’s success, growth, and profitability. Empowering and protecting them will eventually help protect the organization and its information assets.Organizational investments in advanced technologies are helping reduce the impact of cyber threats, but lack of end-user awareness can significantly reduce ROI. Even with the advanced security controls, organizations make headlines and hackers continue to gain unauthorized access to a wealth of sensitive data.

Security awareness training for employees, vendors, partners and third parties is the organization’s first line of defense to protect against loss of business-critical information.

SYSUSA’s personalized security and awareness program allows the end users to understand the risks and empowers them with the knowledge to avoid them.

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