Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is an essential component of a comprehensive security program.

Penetration testing helps organizations determine how vulnerable a system is by allowing experience team like SYSUSA to simulate the hacking methods a hacker would take to compromise the system. SYSUSA’s “Pen Testers” are equipped with the knowledge, tools, and industry certifications, providing our clients with the best in the industry. SYSUSA’s staff has conducted penetration testing for many different clients from the civilian and public sector. We utilize the NSA Red Team Blue Team methodology for penetration testing.

SYSUSA personnel utilize tools to discover any potential security threats within the system, document all finding, and notify immediately the point of contact for the system of any HIGH risk that is discovered during the process.

SYSUSA performs penetration testing using the approved rules of engagement and security policies, and applicable Federal Regulations. Our penetration testing methods may include, subject to policy and rules of engagement, two facets of social engineering techniques. With our experience responding to advanced persistent threats (APTs), we can also mimic the methods and techniques used by some very creative and malicious actors.

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