Delivering On Our Commitment As Trusted Advisors And Partners To Enable Our Client’s Success

Headquartered in the Commonwealth of Virginia, SYSUSA serves as a trusted and strategic advisor to Technology leadership across diverse group of industries globally .

SYSUSA, has been delivering innovative technology services and solutions to both small and large companies globally. Our proactive approach enables organizations to protect their business-critical information assets, enhance performance and increase productivity.

SYSUSA serves U.S. and global clients that include companies and organizations across many industry sectors, including financial services, insurance, medical services, pharmaceutical, public utilities, technology and software manufacturers, not for profit, technology services, professional services firms, and government entities. Our highly motivated, knowledgeable, experienced, and industry certified team of professional serve as trusted strategic advisors to technology leadership across industries.

SYSUSA’s unwavering commitment on customer success has resulted in lasting partnerships with leading organizations globally, where SYSUSA is a trusted advisor and preferred provider of technology solutions.

SYSUSA Customers by Industry Include:

Financial Services

We help financial services companies create value from massive amounts of data to better analyze the data and provide intelligent matrix. We also support the management of extensive regulatory compliance requirement, including FFIEC and state regulations such as; NY DFS 500.

Insurance Companies

We help insurance companies enhance their applications to ensure coordination and collaboration between various entities. We also help them meet the expanding regulatory compliance requirements and broad range of risks.

Healthcare Organizations

We help healthcare organizations ensure applications are in compliance with the increasing federal, state, and local requirements with efficiency and sustainability. This includes compliance with HIPAA and HITECH.

Manufacturing and Consumer

we help manufacturing and consumer packaged goods companies create applications that can analyze the products to identify market trends and plan product cycles accordingly. We also help them address the supply chain security requirements and compliance across product lines and operating regions.

Energy and transportation

We help energy and transportation companies secure critical infrastructure against cyber security threats and manage operational risk.

Government, education and not for profit

We help government, education and not for profit organizations understand the customer needs and create applications or implement technologies, on premise or in the cloud. We help Federal clients migrate to the FedRAMP cloud and manage risk to ensure service delivery is aligned with mission statement.

SYSUSA Customers by Roles Include:

Chief Executives and Directors

Gain visibility into business operations that may affect organizational performance and make informed strategic decisions based on data and risk analysis

SYSUSA helps chief executives and boards of directors:

  • Maximize corporate performance against risk exposures using business intelligence and data analytics
  • Make informed investment decisions balancing performance and risk
  • Understand business impact of market forces, external events, and new technology
  • Assure effectiveness of internal controls and compliance to laws and regulations
  • Foster good corporate governance and fulfill corporate responsibilities
Information Security Executives

Align information security strategy, policies and investments to business objectives and priorities while protecting the enterprise against known and emerging threats

SYSUSA helps information security executives:

  • Define security policies, raise policy awareness and monitor policy compliance
  • Design and monitor key risk indicators to establish risk baseline and detect deviations
  • Assess security of applications, network, endpoints, and mobile and cloud infrastructure
  • Design IT compliance programs and assess compliance with PCI, HIPAA, FISMA and/or ISO 27001
  • Design and manage security incident response and disaster recovery procedures
Information Technology Executives

Manage IT Infrastructure, applications, services and analyze the constantly evolving technology landscape and make weighted technology investments that enable business agility

SYSUSA helps information technology executives:

  • Develop program management and program risk management methodologies
  • Automate data collection, control testing and compliance reporting tasks
  • Enable cloud transformation and implement the tools and technologies necessary to leverage the benefits of the cloud
  • Assess risks and design strategies to adopt new cloud, virtualization and mobile technologies
  • Develop, manage, and test disaster recovery and business continuity plans
  • Establish vendor classification and vendor risk management processes
Risk Executives

Create a risk-aware organizational culture and establish a consistent methodology and framework to identify, evaluate, mitigate, and report risks

SYSUSA helps risk executives:

  • Adopt enterprise-wide risk management framework and processes
  • Establish standards for risk taxonomy and risk identification methodology
  • Establish standards to measure and compare risks across business functions
  • Deploy technology solutions to automate risk management tasks
  • Create communication and training programs to foster a risk-aware culture

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