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In 2019, it took organizations an average of 206 days to identify a breach and 73 days to contain it - Ponemon Institute Report

Are our operations secure, and are things getting better or worse? A fundamental question that many security teams struggle to answer. Security teams, inundated with alerts and information from a growing number of siloed point solutions, making a timely response can be challenging. Adding to this challenge are the constant attacks via both known and unknown vulnerabilities continuously targeting critical business services, IT infrastructure, and users.

The result? Detection and response times measured in months, and missed attacks that may have lead to a breach or compromise.

ServiceNow Security Operations connects security and IT teams and enables them to respond to threats faster and more efficiently. Using the workflow and systems management capabilities of the Now Platform, it provides teams across the organization a single platform to respond.

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  • Security Incident Response

    Security Incident Response

  • Vulnerability Response

    Vulnerability Response

  • Threat Intelligence

    Threat Intelligence

  • Configuration Compliance

    Configuration Compliance

  • Performance Analytics

    Performance Analytics

  • Trusted Security Circles

    Trusted Security Circles

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