IT Business Management

Delivering business outcomes is a delicate balancing act that is only becoming more complex as the cost of business operations and resources grows. IT and business initiatives aligning work to business priorities and optimization while reducing time to market are exacerbated by silos that exist between the business and IT, causing friction, increases costs, and risks.

Effective IT Business Management requires real-time visibility into trends and services to proactively solve problems and accelerate the business forward. ServiceNow’s IT Business Management (ITBM) can help your organizations reach your potential with a strategic portfolio planning and execution solution that improves capital and resource optimization while accelerating time to value. It can help you create higher-value from your initiatives, enable change faster, and track progress in real-time to see funds utilization and the value of the work delivered.

Let SYSUSA help you manage strategic and operational work in one place and reduce bottlenecks to get to market faster.

  • Demand Management

    Demand Management

  • Resource Management

    Resource Management

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    Innovation Management

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    Project Portfolio Management

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    Scaled Agile Framework

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    Agile Development

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