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82% of HR Teams rely on e-mail and phone-based interactions to respond to employee inquiries, while 93% feel their HR processes are disconnected. 

Designing a successful workplace strategy requires a cultural shift between HR, IT, and facilities. It requires organizations to define new skills and talent as well as structure teams in a way that encourages innovation and allows for work to flow between groups. This coordinated effort can help avoid inconsistent experiences that can affect an employee’s perception of the workplace and business. One bad experience can negate many good ones. A coordinated effort can help a company achieve consistent, positive experiences.

ServiceNow HR Service Delivery (HRSD) makes it easy for employees to get information and answers while improving organizational efficiency. With customizable workflows to automate responses to routine employee inquiries and for fulfilling requests, we can help transform your organization’s HR Service Delivery, reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve the employees and contingent staff service experience. 

SYSUSA can help you design, customize, and implement a single access point for employees and contingent staff with personalized HR services. Let SYSUSA experts demonstrate how HRSD can enhance your HR management and deliver a rewarding experience for your employees and contingent workforce.

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    Case Management

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