Governance, Risk and Compliance

Everyone needs a smarter way to ensure security, maintain compliance, and drive continuous improvement and maturity.

The regulatory landscape is always changing with new laws mandating security and privacy compliance. Some of these regulations and requirements can be unique to departments or functional groups within a company. Complicating the problem many legacy Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) tools have not been able to keep pace with the evolving business needs or the demands and progression of technology as it relates to digital transformation. This has resulted in many organizations falling behind in building a foundation to support an organization-wide integrated risk management program.

Using the power of the ServiceNow, SYSUSA can help your organization develop and implement practices and processes, supported by a risk-aware culture and enabling technologies, to create an integrated view of the organizational risk management program. Regardless of the compliance requirements, we can converge all the needs into a single system of record and a source of truth to deliver compliance and continuous monitoring. SYSUSA’s ServiceNow experts can transform your processes and combine security, IT, and risk capabilities into an Integrated Risk Management program.

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  • Policy & Compliance Management

    Policy & Compliance Management

  • Risk Management

    Risk Management

  • Audit Management

    Audit Management

  • Vendor Risk Management

    Vendor Risk Management

  • Business Continuity Management

    Business Continuity Management

  • Performance Analytics

    Performance Analytics

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