IT Risk Assessment

Technology-intensive information systems and applications fuel the growth and enable businesses to carry out their missions and business functions.

These information systems, if not secured and monitored in today’s evolving cyber-threat environment, can have adverse effects on organizations operations, assets, individuals, and the Nations.

Risk assessments can help an organization identify, quantify, and prioritize risks against an established criterion for risk acceptance and objectives relevant to the organization. The results of a risk assessment can be integrated into the organization’s overall risk management program to develop remediation strategies based on severity and impact.

SYSUSA’s Risk Assessment service goal is to:
  • Identify and analyze security control gaps and the resulting risk to organizations information assets.
  • Establish the risk-aware culture throughout the organization.
  • Establish appropriate governance structures for managing risk.
  • Develop and implement an organizational risk assessment framework.
  • Help individuals with system implementation and/or operation responsibilities better understand the risk associated with their systems.
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