Infrastructure Security

SYSUSA’s infrastructure services are designed to help organizations ensure that the People, Processes and Technologies in place are adequate, effective, efficient and performing as intended. Our team of security experts will analyze your environment and provide expert analysis to achieve organizations security objectives.

Leadership, across industries, invest a significant amount of time, resources and money in technologies to ensure access to services for their consumers. Investing time and resources on technologies to stay ahead of the competition can take the focus away from little things that can be easily exploited by a hacker to gain access to critical assets.

A high-performance, stable, scalable and secure network infrastructure is critical to business growth and maintaining customer confidence.

Infrastructure Design Review

Periodic review and continuous monitoring of strategic technology and security programs can ensure their adequacy, effectiveness and resilience against the evolving threat environment.

Data Loss Prevention

Protecting sensitive data within an organization from unintended accidental or intentional disclosure by a employee, vendor or third party is a challenging task for IT managers and security professionals.

Wireless Security

Wireless networks are high-value targets for hackers, corporate spies and spammers. A successful attack can provide malicious users or hackers the back door in to the organizations core IT infrastructure.

Vulnerability Scanning

Knowledge of weaknesses in security program and associated threats is critical in maintaining a secure business operations critical information and increasing resilience against cyber attacks.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing can significantly enhance security of an operating environment. Penetration testing can help identify vulnerabilities by simulating the hacking methods a used by hacker.

Smart Grid Security (NISTIR 7628)

On a daily basis U.S. is being targeted, Sanaz Browarny, chief of intelligence and analysis control systems security program at the US.

Security Information Monitoring

Centralization of security events information allows near real-time analysis and enables security personnel to develop response and deploy counter measures quickly.

Business Continuity & Recovery

Ability to maintain services during an incident and restore operations without significantly impacting customers is an insurance certificate that can ensure business growth.

Industrial Controls (SCADA)

Seamless integration and uninterrupted communication between hardware devices and software components is critical for timely response to critical events.

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