Health technology’s ‘essential critic’ warns of medical mistakes.

Computer mistakes like the one that produced incorrect prescriptions for thousands of Rhode Island patients are probably far more common and dangerous than the Obama administration wants you to believe, says Drexel University’s Dr. Scot Silverstein.

Security and Privacy of SPII are governed by several laws and industry regulations. Healthcare industry, due to the nature of the information it collects, processes, stores, shares, and manages, faces some of these stringent requirements for ensuring security and privacy of SPII.

The recent increase in data breaches and cyber threats have increased the cost of managing information “Security & Privacy” for industries across the spectrum. Although these threats are not targeted to a particular sector or a business division, most of these attacks do target systems and applications managing and maintaining sensitive personal information.

Healthcare industry as user and manager of some of the most Sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (SPII), such as health information of individuals, credit card data, social security numbers, etc., about individuals (patients), business partners (Service Providers) and employees, must comply with several laws and industry regulations.

Healthcare industry heavily relies on technology in providing quality care to their patients and ensuring compliance with security and privacy laws and regulations. These technological innovations have enabled healthcare providers, patients, payers, and researchers communicate, collaborate and instantaneously exchange information.

SYSUSA’s team of highly motivated, skilled, knowledgeable, and certified professional is very well positioned to help the healthcare providers take advantage of technology while maintaining security.

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