Education thru exploration, be it the shelves of the library or the vastness of the internet, helps students succeed as they search for information.

Ensuring academic freedom and allowing students to connect their personal devices to the networks, while ensuring the security and privacy of information on these networks, is a major challenge for IT departments in the education industry.

Having knowledge of threats and vulnerabilities in the environment and understanding the risk to the sensitive student information can help the education industry take appropriate measures for mitigating the risk and ensure continued protection of sensitive student information.

Education industry has to comply with laws and regulations mandated by the government and the industry to ensure security and privacy of student information.

Compliance with these laws and regulations becomes more challenging when students arrive with personal computers, gaming systems, and other devices, which may be infected with malware, and plug them into the institution’s network.

SYSUSA’s team of highly motivated, skilled, knowledgeable, and certified professional is very well positioned to help the education industry maintain the trust of faculty, students and alumni. Our team of security experts can help develop a proactive approach for ensuring “Security & Privacy” of information, while maintaining the balance with the need for ‘openness’ and academic freedom.

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