Cyber Criminals Spend Months And Years Planning A Successful Attack. Are You Spending Time To Understand The Threats?

Cost of cyber-crimes has gone up by 82% over last six years. In 2017, it went up 19%, a recent study by Ponemon Institute concluded.
SYSUSA's enables organizations increase security of information and resilience against cyber-threat.
Our information security services portfolio includes:

IT Risk Assessment

Technology-intensive information systems and applications fuel the growth and enable businesses to carry out their missions and business functions.

Risk assessments can help organizations identify, quantify, and prioritize risks against an established criterion for risk acceptance and objectives relevant to the organization.

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Infrastructure Security

A high-performance, stable, scalable and secure network infrastructure is critical to business growth.

Investing time and resources on emerging technologies to stay ahead of the competition and the criminals can sometimes take the focus away from little things that can be easily exploited by a hacker to gain access to critical assets you are trying to defend.

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Application Security

Internet and the security blogs provide abundant security resources to help explain and address potential vulnerabilities with the most common commercial software products. However, it requires a team of dedicated security experts to continuously monitor vulnerabilities and develop strategic remediation roadmap that ensures security and resilience.

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Critical Infrastructure

The adoption and integration of new smart grid technologies has positively impacted the utility industries globally, help reduce operating costs, enhance efficiency of services, increase predictability of service failures or disruptions and respond to customer requests at a much faster pace. While these technologies have helped utility industries, but they have come at a challenge and a cost of their own. Energy and water utilities face persistent cyber-espionage and denial-of-service attacks against their industrial-control systems.

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