Analytics Supported Data-Driven Intelligent Decisions Produce Demonstrable Roi

Gartner defines the operations intelligence platform as a suite of development and runtime software tools that monitor, alert and support interactive decision making by providing data and analytics about current conditions.

Information is a strategic asset. Companies acknowledge that value and data volumes are exploding.

But very few companies can leverage that data to their competitive advantage due to challenges ranging from data integrity and completeness to speed and complexity of implementing analytics. This emergence of Big Data has driven the need for cloud computing and data stores. It also requires analytics to make better, data-driven decisions to deliver demonstrable ROI, better customer engagement and increase revenue.

Cloud comes in different forms in both public and private and is typically integrated into traditional architectures. SYSUSA provide services in both open source architectures as well as proprietary software architectures.

SYSUSA brings the experience in cloud, big data and analytics to consolidate data from all sources, uncover insights buried in the data..

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