Application Security

Internet and the security blogs provide abundant security resources to help explain and address potential vulnerabilities with the most common commercial software products.

However, it requires a team of dedicated security experts to continuously monitor these resources and implement the solutions.

SYSUSA experts are ready to assess the security of your application at any stage of the development or implementation. Whether the application is in the planning stage or has been on the market for years, our assessment team will identify the risk and map it to business impact and develop a strategic remediation roadmap that ensures security and resilience.

Security Design Review

Application security design review can be performed at any time, however the best time is when the application team has just finished the design phase, and prior to the code building milestone in the software development life-cycle.

Security Architecture Review

Applications serve as the organization’s backbone in delivering services to consumers. Security of these applications are resilient to internal and external threats will help reduce…

Source Code Review

Source code review provides a holistic view of the quality and potential security issues in application design. It can help identify vulnerabilities related to business logic, access management, application session and state control.

Application Vulnerability Discovery

Some of the most devastating cyber-attacks occur through web application (Layer 7) attack vectors. Knowing the vulnerabilities and understanding the risk can help create remediation strategies..

Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)

IV&V processes provide an objective assessment of software products and processes throughout the software life cycle in an environment organizationally free from…

Secure Application Development

SYSUSA provides a wide array of software solutions to the vital and indicative business domains. Our software development services are based on an accurately built..

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