Wireless Security

Mobile workforce and the devices supporting them have significantly increased the demand for a robust and secure organizational wireless infrastructure. The adoption of mobile technologies and the culture of BYOD has significantly increased the risk to organizational IT infrastructure, particularly the wireless networks. Security of wireless networks is critical for enabling the full potential of a mobile workforce, while empowering customers and partners.

Wireless networks are high-value targets for hackers, corporate spies and spammers. A successful attack can provide malicious users or hackers the back door in to the organizations core IT infrastructure and enable them to compromise sensitive and valuable information assets. Improperly secured wireless infrastructure, rogue access points and wireless clients significantly increase the risk to wireless networks. Mitigating techniques like MAC filtering, WEP encryption and pre-shared keys are no longer effective against the more sophisticated and organized attacks.

SYSUSA’s Wireless security testing is well planned, comprehensive and strategic attack against a network infrastructure simulating the techniques used by hackers and malicious users to identify and exploit potential vulnerabilities within the wireless infrastructure.

SYSUSA’s Wireless Security Testing service provides organizations with a holistic and detailed review of their wireless infrastructure. Our thorough configuration reviews, technical testing and scanning for rogue access point detection can help organizations ensure their wireless infrastructure is secure. Our consultants use a structured and iterative process, testing your wireless network architecture, systems configurations and processes for gaps that may affect your ability to protect wireless assets from unauthorized access.

Through the Wireless Security Testing service, our consultants look for gaps in your compliance with applicable mandates such as PCI, GLBA, FISMA, HIPAA, etc., and recommend steps to remediate those gaps.