Infrastructure Design Review

Technology and Security Leadership face a significant challenge of maintaining security of IT infrastructure and readiness against cyber threats. Major breaches of large enterprises were a result of a low level and ignored system in the environment.

Organizations strategic and long term technology and information security plans can easily become outdated with changes in leadership or personnel. Organizations need to continuously monitor their strategic technology and information security programs to ensure their continued adequacy, effectiveness and resilience against the evolving threat environment. Information security program needs to be regularly reviewed, challenged and updated to ensure its alignment with both current technology and organizational business and security needs.

SYSUSA’s infrastructure review is designed to help organizations ensure that the People, Processes and Technologies in place are the most cost effective, efficient and reliable solution to meet the information security needs of the business. Our team of security experts will provide expert analysis of your detailed design document, understand your business objectives and technical requirements and recommend improvements that will ensure a secure, efficient and a resilient operating IT environment. Our experts have experience with high-performance IP routing, LAN switching, WAN switching, ATM technologies, evolving IP technologies, and leading-edge metropolitan (metro) optical technologies.

SYSUSA has the knowledge and expertise to help organizations understand the threats and evaluate their readiness against these threats.