Data Loss Prevention

Unintentional or intentional disclosure of sensitive corporate information, including customer credit card data, sensitive personally identifiable information or intellectual property is impacting organizations financially, damaging to the brand and loss of customer confidence.

Protecting sensitive data within an organization from unintended accidental disclosure or intentional disclosure by a disgruntled employee, vendor or third party is a challenging task for IT managers and security professionals. Additionally, the interconnectivity of networks with vendors and third parties or geographically diverse corporate locations is making this task more challenging and resource intensive.

Gartner in its report “Too many data-loss prevention tools become shelfware” provides and insight into many of the missteps of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) programs implemented across organizations. Understanding the organizations needs and the associated culture is very critical in successful implementation and execution of DLP program.

SYSUSA’s approach to DLP is based on the understanding of organizational needs, culture, locations and partnerships. We develop a solution that meets your needs and delivers results. We may not provide you what you want, but we will give you what you need.