Business Continuity

Organizations regardless of their size need some kind of a Business Continuity Management (BCM) program to ensure continuity of business critical functions in an event of a disaster. Organizations operating high risk environments must have the ability to continue operating essential services, for itself, its customers and stakeholders.

Organizations ability to maintain service during an incident and restore operations without significantly impact to its customers is an insurance certificate that can boost customer confidence and ensure business growth. Poor business continuity management practices not only tarnish the industry and destroy credibility, but leave organizations very exposed.

SYSUSA can help evaluate your current organizational business continuity program or develop one that meets your organizations needs. Our BCM program includes disaster recovery, business recovery, business resumption, contingency planning, and crisis management. It is an end-to-end process that helps identify potential threats that may impact organizations business operations. It also provides organizations with a roadmap for an effective and resilient response against any natural or man-made threats that may disrupt their business operations.

Our Business Continuity management Service Includes:

Managing Business Continuity Program

Consolidation and centralized management of business continuity and disaster recovery plans, business processes, impact analyses and recovery procedures allows efficient governance of your business continuity program.

Perform Business Impact and Environmental Risk Analyses

Measure the value of business processes, and prioritize them based on impacts to your revenue, brand image, stakeholder confidence and customer loyalty in the event of process disruption or failure. Also assess the probability of environmental threats against your IT infrastructure.

Test Your Plans and Facilitate Periodic Reviews

Test your business continuity and disaster recovery plans to identify process gaps, determine the time it will take to restore your business processes and infrastructure, and ensure that all dependencies have been captured.