Business Partner Security

Inter-dependence of industries upon each other for technology, resources, information, and support is helping organizations reduce cost of operations and increase return on investment. This has resulted in expansion of organizations IT environments beyond the traditional server rooms to remote corners of the globe with different cultures, languages and business practices. Although, outsourcing reduces cost of business operations but it can potentially increases risk to sensitive information.

Maintaining Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of sensitive information assets is mandated by several laws and regulations. Organizations are responsible for the “Security & Privacy” of information they collect, process, distribute and store within their or their business partner systems or applications. Non-compliance with these laws and regulations or any loss of data can erode customer confidence and result in litigations that can tarnish the company brand.

Business owners are obligated to ensure that the third parties and business partners who are managing their sensitive client data are applying adequate security controls necessary to protect these sensitive information assets. Knowledge and understanding of risks to organizational information assets at third party and business partner facilities will help organizations mitigate these risk and ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

SYSUSA’s goal is to help organizations identify and understand the impact of current threats and vulnerabilities and develop strategies that ensure a mature and a robust information security program that is in-line with the agreed upon service level agreements, applicable laws and industry regulations.

SYSUSA focuses on three critical components of an organization: People, Process and Technology to ensure Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of organizational information assets, enhance performance and increase productivity.

SYSUSA’s Business Partner Assessment service helps organizations ensure appropriate security controls have been put in place by their vendors or partners to secure their organizational information assets.