Application Vulnerability Discovery

Application vulnerability testing helps organizations to identify, understand and quantifying vulnerabilities in application. Knowing the threats and risk to organizations information assets can help organizations plan remediation strategies based on highest risk and impact to organizations information assets. Some of the most devastating cyber-attacks occur through web application (Layer 7) attack vectors. The growing amount of confidential and classified data is being passed thorough web based applications to the backend database systems. Vulnerabilities in the frontend web applications or the backend databases can make this critical, in some cases highly sensitive, information exposed to malicious users, inside or outside the organization.

SYSUSA’s application vulnerability testing program is integral to a systematic and proactive approach to web security that reduces the risk associated with application level attacks (e.g. Cross-Site Scripting, SQL Injection) and ensuring compliance with relevant standards, laws & regulations. Our assessment process augments automated testing with advisory services to provide an in-depth look at security vulnerabilities in organizations applications. The results of SYSUSA application vulnerability testing is a comprehensive, specific and actionable remediation strategy for strengthening the security of the application and increasing resilience against cyber threats.