Security Architecture Review

Organization reliance on technology for; internal and external communication, collaboration with vendors and partners, delivering services to clients, managing business resources, evaluating market trends, and developing strategic initiatives has created a huge demand for the development of custom applications to meet specific business and market needs.

Application software systems serve as the organization’s backbone for providing mission-critical services to its clients, partners, shareholders, etc. Ensuring that these applications are resilient to internal and external threats will help reduce the risk and ensure continuity of operations. Understanding and implementing secure application architecture and design practices into the organizations software development lifecycle will significantly reduce the weaknesses in the application and increase resilience against cyber threats.

SYSUSA’s Application Security Architecture review helps an organization proactively identify, quantify and remediate potential risks affecting the security of their high-value and critical applications. Our goal is to help organizations identify weaknesses before they become vulnerabilities are exploited by malicious users.