Security Design Review

SYSUSA’s application security experts bring together many years of experience in software architecture, development, and testing allowing them to thoroughly understand your application, framework and the environment. Our experts will instantly grasp your application design to explain both the strengths and common pitfalls of the current architecture. Our unique approach combines both an automated and a manual approach to achieving full coverage. We catch any vulnerability that requires a human eye or understanding of the application.

SYSUSA team of experts will perform a careful examination of your application design, looking for weaknesses in the design choices and implementation. Security Design Review of your mission-critical applications can help reduce the risk of financial loss, as well as asymmetrical risk to reputation at the hands of malicious hackers. It provides organizations the necessary information to understand the potential threats to mission-critical applications and strategies for remediation to mitigate risk associated with each threat.

Application security design review can be performed at any time in the application lifecycle management cycle as long as the design of the application is feature complete. However, the best time to perform a Security Design Review is when the application team has just finished the design phase, and just prior to the code building milestone in the software development lifecycle. During this time, the development team can use the knowledge gained via the Security Design Review to protect the application before the application teams begin coding.

SYSUSA goal is to help organizations identify and fix potential vulnerabilities ahead of the development phase, therefore prevent costly re-engineering efforts later during the implementation or verification phase.