Website & Document Accessibility

Documents should be accessible to all individuals regardless of their condition. Our goal is to help businesses ensure their websites and documents are easily accessible to all individuals.

Compliance with Section 508 & WCAG requires subject matter expertise in understanding how people with disabilities interact with information technology to access the information they need during their daily lives. SYSUSA understands these needs and has partnered with leading providers of website and document accessibility solutions providers to translate the needs of these individuals into technical solutions, making information easily accessible.

SYSUSA and its partners are uniquely positioned to provide software products and professional services that can help businesses across industries achieve compliance with the leading PDF and document accessibility standards, including WCAG, PDF/UA, and Section 508.



SYSUSA was awarded the Virginia Information Technology Agency (VITA) statewide 508 Compliance contract.

Contract: VA-150604-SYSU

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