Governance & Compliance

Increase in cyber-attacks are forcing nations to create additional security & privacy laws and regulations to protect their citizens and ensure national security.

Compliance with these evolving laws and regulations requires a comprehensive organizational  Information Security Management System (ISMS) with continuous monitoring and improvement strategies.

Management System

Increased Efficiency & Reduced Operating Cost

The principle behind the management system is to enable organizations design, implement and maintain a coherent set of policies, processes and controls to manage risks.

Risk Management

Risk Decisions Based on Factual Data

Understanding and addressing risk is a strategic capability and an enabler of missions and business functions across organizations.

Website & Document Accessibility

Enhancing User Experience & Increasing Accessibility

Determining compliance with section 508 & WCAG requires a comprehensive understanding of section 508 and WCAG digital accessibility guidelines.

GRC Automation

Collect & Validate Information Automatically

GRC automation enables organizations automate business-critical process of measuring and managing adherence to laws, regulations, industry best practices and standards.

Healthcare Data Security (HIPAA)

Enabling Security & Protecting Patient Privacy

Integration of systems and applications across the Healthcare industry has enabled correlation of patient data to provide better patient care with lower costs of delivery.

Assessment & Authorization (FISMA)

Securing Federal Information Systems

FISMA has brought attention within the federal government to cyber security and explicitly emphasized a “risk-based policy for cost-effective security.

Higher Education Privacy (FERPA)

Ensuring Data Security & Enabling Students

Ensuring academic freedom and allowing students to connect their personal devices to the networks, while ensuring the security and privacy of information.

Payment Card Security (PCI DSS)

Securing Transactions to Reduce Data Theft

All merchants that store, process or transmit credit card numbers, including retailers, are required to comply with the PCI DSS.

Policy & Procedures Development

Establishing Standards to Measure and Monitor Risk

An organization’s policies and procedures are often the final protective or mitigating control against security breaches, and should be examined closely.

FREE Compliance Evaluation

SYSUSA’s goal is to help organizations maintain Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of information assets, increase awareness of security threats and achieve compliance with applicable laws and regulations.


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