Industries Served

SYSUSA serves a diverse group of industries with one goal,” consistently deliver professional services and solutions that exceed our client expectations and enable them develop a proactive approach towards protecting business critical information assets, enhance organizational performance and increase productivity”.

HealthCare Services Providers

Healthcare industry reliance on technology in providing quality care to their patients makes system and application security a top priority.

Higher Education Providers

Having knowledge of threats and vulnerabilities and understanding the risk can help protect sensitive student information.

State, Local & Federal Government Agencies

Government agencies are mandated to maintain compliance with information security and privacy regulations and Executive orders.

Utility Services Providers

Downtime in the utility industry, due to a cyber attack, can significantly threaten the security of the communities they serve.

Financial Services

Cyber-attack can erode customer confidence, readiness and awareness is critical in ensuring security of data.

Hospitality Services

Collection and storage of sensitive data to support the customer loyalty programs comes with a significant risk of cyber-attack.

Non-Profit Organizations

Comprehensive information security strategy can help protect geographically diverse workforce, serving causes that benefit humanity, against malicious attacks.

Cloud Services Providers

Security and privacy of information assets, whether in the private cloud, public cloud, community cloud or hybrid cloud is the responsibility of the asset owner (organization).

Teleco Service Providers

Communication is the Key to Success, having a partner with in-depth knowledge of available and upcoming technologies is critical for success.

Transportation Services

As new technologies evolve and human needs change, so do the needs for different modes of transportation to allow the expansion of local, regional and national economies.


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